House to House Heart to Heart

Issues Available for Download:

The House to House / Heart to Heart paper was added to the Northwest church of Christ Outreach Ministry about two years ago. This publication is produced under the oversight of the elders of the Jacksonville church of Christ located in Jacksonville, Alabama. It is an eight-page full-color evangelistic publication mailed in bulk cooperatively by churches of Christ across the United States six times per year to neighbors in their respective communities. Each issue includes a mixture of doctrine, humor, home and family instruction. wide-interest short articles, question and answer quizzes, and eye-appealing graphics.

The Northwest church of Christ is currently reaching 3,000 homes in Greensboro with House to House/Heart to Heart. Through this paper, we are able to offer free tracts, booklets, magazines, Bible correspondence courses, CDs, DVDs and innumerable other tools to assist Truth-seekers and Bible students in their investigations of God’s Word and the church of Christ. We at Northwest are excited about this addition to our Outreach Ministry as a tool helping to spread God’s Word throughout our community.

Overseas Mission Efforts

The Northwest church of Christ Missions Ministry is to share the love of God and the gospel of the grace of God. The Northwest church of Christ is actively involved in spreading the good news of Jesus Christ in many areas of Tamil Nadu, India.

The Northwest congregation has also partnered with Gary and Deborah Dull, of Mocksville, NC, and their work with the Pacific Island Bible College in Figi and outreach into Cuba.

To follow their work, visit their website HERE.