Edward Wayne Skipworth

Edward Wayne Skipworth

Edward Wayne Skipworth was born on May 15, 1942, in Louisville, KY. They moved to Florida when he was 2 years old Wayne was baptized at the Springfield Church of Christ in Jacksonville, Florida.

He had one brother, Woody, and two sisters, Donna and Gracie. Gracie died of cancer at age 54, five years ago and Woody was killed 2 years ago. Wayne’s Mom is 93 years old and is very active – she lives with his oldest sister in Georgia but loves to go to her home in Florida. Wayne and Jane enjoy going to the “farm” to spend time with her.

Wayne joined the Army and was stationed at Ft. Benning, Georgia. Later he moved to Greensboro, NC to work and in 1963 met Jane – they were married in 1964 – 50 years in November.

They had two children, Wendy and Marc, and have eight grandchildren.

Wayne has been in construction all his life. He owns and operates S & S Paint & Wallcovering and is semi-retired. Marc runs the business.

Wayne, Jane, and family attended Wendover Ave. Church of Christ for 40 odd years. They started worshiping at the Northwest Church of Christ five years ago.

Wayne enjoys fishing and going to grandchildren’s sports. Jane and Wayne also enjoy the fellowship of their brothers and sisters in Christ at Northwest.

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